2015 KIS Grants – Solar Panels for Eastlands College of Technology

The Kenya Irish Society provided a grant of 140,000KES to the Strathmore Educational Trust (Eastlands College of Technology) to assist in the installation of Solar Panels so that lighting could be provided at the College of Technology. This will help the primary school children and the underprivileged youth that attend the college.

Over the first two weeks of July 2015 a team comprising Electronics students form the college as well as students from Xabec Technical college in Spain worked to complete the project. At the end, five solar panels were installed on the roof and were connected to the inverters and batteries to provide lighting.

In total, over 250 children and youth who attend the college will benefit from the completion of this work.


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KIS 2014 grant for Desks in Gatoto Primary School


In 2014, one of the successful applicants for KIS Grant funding was the Gatoto Integrated Development Programme and Gatoto Primary school in Imara Daima, Nairobi. The funding request was for the purchase of desks as the increasing size of the intake of students had placed severe strain on all essential school resources, including desks.

Following the awarding of the grant, the school worked through issues like the escalating price of timber in Nairobi to secure a reasonable pricing with good quality and achieved their goal of twenty new desks.

Have a look at the pictures below.

GatotoDesks GatotoKidsNDesks

2015 KIS Grants Awarded

This year, The Kenya Irish Society disbursed 2,000,000 KSh between 16 worthy projects. The cheques were handed over as part of the Society’s AGM, held on 16th May at Noelle O’Briens home, in front of over 50 attendants.

The grants were awarded to: